The Zero.6 is is the ultimate climbing machine. Ridden by our shop minority owner, Jerry Jacobs, this bike is a perfect choice for events such as the L’Etape Du Tour in France (“Amateur Le Tour De France”), and it’s long and steep climbs. Unlike many other super light climbing machines, which can feel unstable at speed, the Zero.6 handles well even in aggressive corners and steep, winding descents. This bike pushes the envelope of lightness using Wilier’s proprietary technology that uses higher grade Mitsubishi Japan carbon fiber and advanced construction techniques. Starting at 680 grams frame weight, this ultimate climbing machine can weigh-in at an incredible 13 pounds, fully built. Yet, the frame provides a compliant ride and allows for tires up to 28mm.


Note that the quest for ultimate lightness comes with a recommended rider and bike + accessories weight limit of 176 pounds (most other Wilier bikes are built and tested based on an overall load — bike + rider + load — of 220 pounds). Thus, the frame is geared toward the smaller size spectrum, befitting of its climbing focus.




Full specifications available at Wilier. Additional reviews available at Bicycling and Bike Radar.

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