Product review: Wilier Zero.6 Ultimate with SRAM Red eTap AXS 12-speed Groupset

Jerry Jacobs, Owner, Coach

The first impression of this bike and set-up is that it does everything fast. I was expecting it to climb extremely well and was not disappointed. It danced up the climbs. The bike really excelled as the pitch became steep. I was pleasantly shocked at how stable the bike felt on the flats and on descents. The super light weight does not compromise cornering or descending qualities. It rips the corners and felt super stable on steep, technical descents. Some light weight bikes of the past can feel sketchy and unstable. Not any more, at least on this bike.


Ride quality was super responsive. About the only negative comments in some on-line reviews cite a “twitchy” feel. For me, that really means a full race set-up and immediate response. Every ounce of energy that you put into the pedals propels the bike forward. It seems to jump off the line. The bottom bracket feels very stiff, yet the bike flexes where it needs to in the rear stays.

The SRAM Red 12-speed eTap wireless groupset resulted in a dramatically wider gearing ratio than I have ever experienced. There is absolutely no need for the “climbing” or “sprinters” cassettes that I have previously used. The “mid-compact” front chain ring plus a rear 10 /32 cassette allowed me to spin up the steepest climbs. I found that to be a real advantage as I could stay seated longer and reserve getting out of the saddle to punch short sections and for variation. The gearing configuration has a monster big gear that is equivalent to the old 53/11. That is enough even for a downhill sprint scenario.


Shifting was seamless. The SRAM Red eTap (electronic) shifting is about as dummy proof as it gets. You can shift from the big to small rings in situations that I would never dare to with mechanical shifting (risk of dropping a chain). Plus, the wireless electronic shifting eliminates cables. That makes for a cleaner look and improved reliability.


  • Extremely lightweight (climbing ability)
  • Super responsive handling
  • Full on race feel
  • Amazing range of gears with the SRAM Red eTap 12-speed groupset


  • This is not your comfort or touring bike
  • Some may find the super responsiveness to feel twitchy
  • Not for riders over 170 pounds
  • Not recommended as a dedicated Crit or Circuit Race bike (although it corners well and will be fast on flats and sprints)
  • If cost is a major factor, the Zero.7 with SRAM Force is a better value

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