Service is a top priority at VeloJawn.

VeloJawn services customers ranging from top lever racers to everyday commuters and casual cyclists. Wanya Cave, Majority Owner and General Manager, has years of experience working in some of the most renowned cycling shops in Philadelphia.


Unlike other shops that hide their service department in the back, our technicians work front and center at VeloJawn. We love chatting with our customers to provide honest explanations of repairs, and showing what we are doing with your jawn. You’ll know exactly what’s going on, how much it will cost, and maybe even learn a thing or two about how to work on your bike. We pride ourselves in quick turnarounds. Wanya and our team of trained mechanics will ensure that your bike is tuned right, and ready to roll.


We also maintain a large stock of commonly used parts, such as chains, cassettes, bottom brackets and stems. Need a part in a jiffy? We will likely have it in stock.


Choose from one of the following service packages. We also offer annual maintenance plans, and individual services.

Service Packages

Quick Jawn $45:

A clean and smooth running drivetrain will extend the life of your bike, and let you ride faster! Swing in for a Quick Jawn while you wait.


  • Basic brake and front/rear derailleur adjustment.
  • Safety check of all nuts and bolts, tires, and frame.
  • Adjust tire pressures.
  • Basic wheel true(single speeds only)
  • Basic bike cleaning

Standard Jawn $80:

When things are running a bit janky and you need a deeper dive. 

Includes the Quick Jawn, plus:

  • Comprehensive front/rear derailleur adjustment.
  • Comprehensive brake and pad adjustment.
  • Frame and wheels quick detailed.
  • Wheel true w/ up to 3 spokes
  • External adjustment of all bearing assemblies
  • Hydro disc brake top off

Deluxe Jawn $120:

Recommended annually to keep your bike running in tip-top shape. We will get your jawn clean and shiny to show off at your next big ride.

Includes Standard Jawn, plus:

  • Complete drivetrain renewal — remove and wash chain, rear cassette, crankset.
  • Complete front/rear derailleur reset and adjustment from scratch.
  • Comprehensive wheel true, measuring and correcting spoke tension.
  • Complete Overhaul of all bearing assemblies
  • Hydro brake bleed

Works Jawn $200:

Complete bike overhaul.

Includes Deluxe Jawn, plus:

  • Replace derailleur cables and housing.
  • Replace brake cables and housing.
  • Replace grip tapes (basic tape included in price).
  • Full bike disassembly, cleaned and waxed.

Individual Service Menu (Service Only, Parts Extra)


  • Install tire and tube. $15


  • Caliper brake adjustment (front or rear). $10
  • Hydraulic disc brake bleed and adjustment (front or rear). $40
  • Replace brake pads (front or rear). $15


  • Adjust front or rear derailleur. $15
  • Install chain. $15
  • Install crankset.
  • Install rear cassette. $5

Bottom Bracket

  • Bottom Bracket adj. $15
  • Service/re-grease bottom bracket. $30

Front End

  • Wrap handlebar tape. $12
  • Adjust/install stem. $10
  • Re-route cables through stem. $20


  • Adjust headset. $5/treadless $10/Treaded
  • Install headset. $25
  • Cut steerer tube. $20


  • Replace broken spoke. $35 + cost of spokes(up to 3)
  • Quick wheel true. $15
  • Advanced Wheel True. $25
  • Wheel build. $60
  • Glue tubular tire. $60

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